Invisible / Fluorescent Mural Pigment
Invisible murals swept Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and other places in the recent years. Invisible fantasy murals can be divided into luminous and invisible light. Paints can be directly painted on walls, wall cloths, wood products, plaster and on non-reflective materials. Our superb professional staff can paint various designs such as landscapes with season changes with special effects from the luminous paints. Some designs include, "Stars," "Cosmic Sky," "Underwater World," and other beautiful natural scenes. Landscapes are perfect for displaying in your room, fulfilling your love of nature.
Invisible mural effect
1. Increases positive interaction between parents and their children.
2. Promotes sleep, decreases fatigue and stress of work.
3. Study or office: Increases inspiration, improve work efficiency.
4. Can be used in hotel rooms, beauty salons, home, and treatment rooms.
1. 增加親子間的互動關係及感情;
2. 促進睡眠,緩解工作的疲勞和壓力;
3. 用於書房或辦公室,增加靈感,提高工作效率;
4. 用於酒店客房、美容院、家居、治療房間等。
Invisble Mural / 隱形壁畫

When you enter the room with invisible magic frescoes, the white walls will appear normal, until you turn off the lights. The purple light will transform the original white walls into a three-dimensional lifelike glossy screen and transport you to another place. You will be surrounded by magical colors of a beautiful scenery.

Fluorescent Murals/熒光壁畫
Invisible And Fluorescent Mural Pigment/ 隱形夜光顏料

夜光顏料顏料,通過專業人員的高超工藝技術。可以把“星空”、“宇宙星空”、“海底世界” 等美麗的自然景觀在你的室內得到完美展現,實現你對大自然的渴望。夜光畫吸光時間短,發光時間。吸光30分鐘,發光3-5小時;不需電力、不額外增加開銷;是我們運用科學方法加工而成,它不僅帶給你藝術上的享受,而且還帶給你收藏的價值,在你的居室內起到畫龍點睛的裝飾效果。顏料無毒、無害、無輻射的環保產品。

Using Invisible luminous pigment paint, through the superb skilled professionals, you can choose various sceneries such as "Star", "Cosmic Sky", "Underwater World" and other beautiful natural landscapes. Your room will be transformed into a perfect scene that reflects your desire to connect with nature. Luminous paint can absorb 30 minutes of light and glow for 3-5 hours. No additional cost to electricity is needed for the Luminous paint to light up. Luminous paint not only brings you the artistic enjoyment, but also the value of an unique art collection. Pigments are non-toxic, harmless, non-radiation, and made from environmentally friendly products.

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