Portrait Painting 肖像藝術訂製
Welcome to order Portrait Painting. Our master painters gifted with delicate skills and mastery.not only depicting the outward appearance but also fully retain the real spirit of a person. When the portrait painting is given to your dear friends as gifts,the and delight are surely overwhelming and to be treasured generation after generation.
Water Colour Portrait Painting 水彩畫訂製
Oil Painting Portrait 油畫肖像訂製
A5 size, A4 size, 12”x 16”(30x40cm) 16”x 20”(40cmx50cm) 20”x 24”(50cmx60cm) 24”x 36”(60cmx90cm) 36”x 48”(90cmx120cm)
Please try to draw the portrait size (you can also choose the size we provide, photos, select media such as watercolour or painting, by email to info@lovemyarts.com or Whatsapp 67488161. We will customize the artwork for you as soon as possible.請選擇你想製作的尺寸,或者你可提供想畫的尺寸、相片和媒介寄來info@lovemyarts.com或 Whatsapp 67488161 我們會盡快報價和製作肖像畫給你。