3D Dimensional Painting
3D dimensional paintings are created on a vivid and bright color screen that is of the finest quality, so as to give a strong three-dimensional impression with the feeling of depth, lifelike and vigorous visual effect. 3D floor painting is the 21st century of floor art. The second fluoroscopy gives a 3D perspective on the floor. Second fluoroscopy combines the scene with the floor so that pedestrians can interact with the art piece.

3D立體畫能在平面上展示出栩栩如生、匪夷所思的立體世界,畫面色彩逼真、光亮、層次感強,畫質細膩,有突出的前景和深邃的後景,給人強烈的視覺衝擊力,有身臨其境的感覺;當手觸是平的,眼觀是立體的 3D立體地畫是21世紀以後的地板藝術,是利用透視圖手法將立體透視圖畫在地板上,並且與地板周遭景物結合,或者與行人作出有趣互動,稱為二次透視繪法。

Our designers will design 3D wall murals for each client's request to meet their needs
and provide satisfactory service.

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